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BassDay 2015 Final 72April 4th, 2015. Mark your calendars!

Iowa City Bass Day is a day long workshops geared towards high school and middle school student’s to get together and have some bass fun. Every year we have been fortunate to invite great guests around the country and now around the world! This year our guest is Valdir Claudino from Brazil. He is the double bass professor in State University of Minas Mines.

Stay tuned for further schedule updates on this page.

Drawing by Scott Sund

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Looking forward to seeing you join us for the day.

Drawing by Scott Sund

For more information on Iowa City Bass Day, contact Volkan Orhon at (319) 335-1600, or volkan-orhon@uiowa.edu.

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Valdir Claudino, guest

Volkan Orhon, host


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